AMVETS 2022 Silver Helmet Award

American Veterans – AMVETS Department of Hawaii is proud to report that during the 2021 AMVETS National Silver Helmet Award Committee meeting, it was announced that our nominee, Dr. John Henry Felix was selected as the AMVETS’ 2022 Silver Helmet recipient in Rehabilitation, given in recognition of a person who has made exceptional contributions toward the rehabilitation of disabled veterans.

The AMVETS Silver Helmet Award will be presented to Dr. John Henry Felix on 17 Aug 2022 at AMVETS Silver Helmet Awards Ceremony during the AMVETS 77th National Convention (16-20 Aug 2022), in New Orleans at the Marriott Hotel.

Dr. Felix retired Colonel in both the US Army and US Air Force. He is a proud Life member of American Veterans (AMVETS), a Korean War Veteran and the AMVETS Department of Hawaii Advisory Board Chairman (AMVETS Life Member). Currently, Dr. Felix is the Executive Chairman for HMAA – Hawaii Medical Assurance Association.

John Henry Felix Silver Helmet Nomination

Proclamation John Henry Felix Day

There is no higher religion than human service, to work for the common good is the highest creed (Albert Schweitzer). John Henry adopted this creed at the age of eight and for over 80 years has lived a life of service above self. The depth and breadth of his extraordinary life was summed up by President Ronald Reagan who wrote to John Henry in October of 1983 upon receiving the first American awarded the International Red Cross Medal of Honor – “You exemplify the true spirit of volunteerism for humanitarian aid to your fellow man.” John Henry has given freely of his time, talent and treasure. He has truly lived a life of service above self. Article Alliance For A Healthy Hawaii – MidWeek Article Alliance For A Healthy Hawaii – MidWeek Article Announcing Our 2016 Outstanding Alumni Award Winner _ Articles _ Walden University Article Bethel Street Buddies – MidWeek Article Dr John Henry Felix _ Harris Manchester College Article Felix Honored at Hawai’i Wing Civil Air Patrol _ Big Island Now Article felix_menlo-advantage_2012 Article HART Board Members Article Its possible to end veteran homelessness in Hawaii Article John Henry Felix – Pacific Edge Magazine Article John Henry Felix 1st Hawaii Resident To Receive Menlo College’s President’s Medal — JOHN HENRY FELIX _ PRLog Article Pearl Harbor Voices_ John Henry Felix _ Hawaii Public Radio Article TRIPLER ARMY MEDICAL CENTER, Outstanding Community Service Award Post National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii

Published Articles:


There is no higher religion than human service, to work for the common good is the highest creed (Albert Schweitzer). John Henry adopted this creed at the age of eight and for over 80 years has lived a life of service above self. The depth and breadth of his extraordinary life was summed up by President Ronald Reagan who wrote to John Henry in October of 1983 upon receiving the first American awarded the International Red Cross Medal of Honor – “You exemplify the true spirit of volunteerism for humanitarian aid to your fellow man.” John Henry has given freely of his time, talent and treasure. He has truly lived a life of service above self.

The following is a brief summary of over 80 years of volunteer service:

Military Experience

    • Drafted into the U.S. Army in 1952 – Combat Infantry
    • Decorated Korean War veteran (enlisted)
    • Served in the 442nd Infantry Reserves (enlisted)
    • Served in Hawaii Army Guard (Col.)
    • Served as a USAF Academy Liaison Officer for 10 years (Col.)
    • Served in Vietnam as a noncombatant caring for refugees and prisoners of war
    • Trained troops on how to survive being taken captive during the Vietnam War
    • Recipient to two distinguished service medals
    • Member of the USAF Aux, CAP for 50 years
    • Served three tours as Wing Commander (Col.)
    • Hawaii Wing named #1 out of 52 wings under his leadership as Wing Commander
    • Acquired the land and secured funding for the first Hawaii Wing Permanent headquarters which is named in his honor
    • Served as Squadron Commander of the Maryknoll School Cadet Squad – the only CAP unit embedded in a school
    • Co-Chair of the Hawaii Wing Advisory Board

American Red Cross
    Hawaii State Chapter, Chair Emeritus
        • Joined the Junior Red Cross in 1938 (Lincoln Elementary School, Honolulu); assembled “care” kits for the children of China who were victims of the Japanese invasion
        • Board member since 1956
        • Served as Chapter Chairman for seven years
        • While Chapter Chair, John Henry secured the land and funding for their permanent headquarters at Diamond Head.
        • Division Chair (Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, Micronesia and Alaska)

American National Red Cross

        • West Region Chair (13 Western States)
        • Board of Governors for two terms (maximum) for a total of six years
        • Founded and chaired the national International Committee
        • Led the Africa Famine Relief effort
        • Assigned to assist in the rebuilding of the Chinese Red Cross immediately following the fall of the “Gang of 4,” resulting in the end of the Cultural Revolution
        • Worked with Red Cross approximately 50 units throughout China
        • Initiated the first water safety and first aid class at Kalaupapa, Molokai (former Hansen’s Disease colony)

International Red Cross

        • Served as the only full-time, unpaid Field Delegate of League (Federation) of National Red Cross Societies
        • Developed Societies in Western Samoa, Tonga, Fiji and Papua New Guinea
        • Participated in disaster operations throughout the Pacific and Southeast Asia
        • Assigned to the Portuguese Red Cross to assist in their refugee program following the end of Portuguese rule in Angola and Mozambique
        • Assigned to Portuguese Timor’s relief effort caused by Indonesian invasion
        • Assigned to refugee relief efforts in war zones in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos
        • Arranged to have Peace Corps Volunteers assigned to developing Red Cross Societies and Units in the Pacific
        • Oversaw refugee camps throughout Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos)
        • Led the effort to repatriate over 4,000 Vietnamese refugees
        • Volunteered to accompany the 4,000 refugees back to Vietnam to ensure their safe return
        • Headed Operation New Life in Guam which involved over 150,000 refugees awaiting passage to their host countries
        • Participated in a number of prisoner of war exchanges and prison inspections
        • Negotiated an arrangement with the U.S. Peace Corps to have Peace Corps volunteers assigned to the developing Red Cross Societies be an International Red Cross Delegate
         • Paid for the lodging and expenses of Peace Corps volunteers while being trained in Red Cross skills in Hawaii
        • Program proved to be very successful, resulting in the recognition of Red Cross Societies in Tonga, Fiji, Western Samoa PNG as well as the establishment of Red Cross units throughout Micronesia
        • Helped establish a prosthesis factory in Phnom Penh, Cambodia made necessary by the large number of amputees due to the indiscriminate number of landmines in that country
        • Factory run entirely by Cambodian amputees to this day
        • Headed the national American Red Cross Africa Famine Campaign as Chair of its International Committee
        • Appointed Assistant to the President of the International Red Cross
        • First Chair of the American Red Cross International Committee
        ** Note – American Red Cross – received the Harriman Award and the first American and only person to receive the International Red Cross Dunant Medal of Honor.

In all of his refugee assignments in Africa, Timor and South East Asia, John Henry was especially concerned about the care of orphans. He set up special facilities for them and personally directed their care, often feeding them and consoling them at the end of a grueling day. John Henry was constantly harassed and “detained” by rebel forces in Mozambique, Angola and Timor, by the Viet Cong in Vietnam, and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and Laos.

While working as a Red Cross Delegate in remote parts of the Pacific, he devised the “Walking Blood Donor Program” because of the scarcity of proper refrigeration and storage. He recruited potential donors, had them properly registered with their contact information and tested for blood type. Calls for donors by name could be made by radio stations, “coconut wireless” and two-way radios. This was before cell phones. The Governor of Guam was so impressed with this program he made John Henry a member of the prestigious Order of the Ancient Chamorro.


    • Water Safety Instructor Trainer
    • First Aid Instructor Trainer
    • CPR Instructor Trainer
    • Disaster Preparedness Assessment and Relief Instructor Trainer

Boy Scouts of America

    Aloha Council

        • Joined Cub Scouts at age 8
        • Eagle Scouts at age 15 (54 merit badges)
        • Designated a Distinguished Eagle in 1982 by the National BSA
        • Board member since 1962
        • Wood Badge Faculty
        • Wood Badge for Patrol Leader
        • Commissioner – 7 years
        • Distinguished Commissioner
        • Council President (2 years)
        • NESA Chair – 7 years (Chair Emeritus)
        • College of Commissioner Science

Dean, Instructor, Doctoral Advisor
A.A., B.S., M.S., Ph.D. (Dissertation)

    • Chair of the capital drive to build Council Headquarters building
    • Regent for life
    • Chair, Aloha Council’s BSA Centennial Celebration
    • Chair, Aloha Council’s Eagle Scout Centennial Celebration
    • Spearheaded securing funds from the Weinberg Foundation for the Lodge at Camp Pupukea
    • Order of the Arrow – Vigil
    • International Service Award – Baden Powell Fellow
(While serving as the U.S. Representative to the South Pacific (24 nations) Felix negotiated and arranged with the U.S. Peace Corps. to train volunteers trained in Hawaii in establishing Boy Scouts and Red Cross programs throughout the Pacific. He absorbed the expenses incurred for their one month orientation.)

March of Dimes

    Hawaii Chapter

        • Joined at age 8
        • Went door-to-door collecting dimes to fight polio with his mother
        • Joined the Board in 1958
        • Chapter Chair – Chair Emeritus


        • Chair, National Council of Volunteers
        • Chair, National Board of Trustees
        • National Chair Emeritus
        • Founding Chair, National Office of Volunteers (Emeritus)
        • National Chair, Franklin D. Roosevelt Legacy Campaign
        • Reinstituted the Governors’ Ball in Hawaii

Salk Institute

During his tenure as Chairman, three presidents served with John Henry – two were Nobel Laureates, Dr. Renato Dulbecco (cancer) and Dr. Francis Crick (co-discoverer of DNA). Upon John Henry’s retirement as Chair, President Francis Crick wrote:

“We at the Salk Institute thank you for your significant contributions to our mission: the betterment of the human condition through fundamental research.

When the discoveries of our scientists lay the foundations for the prevention, cure and treatment of health problems such as cancer, AIDs, Alzheimer’s disease and birth defects, It will be no small part due to the leadership of you and others who have selflessly devoted your time and talent to this crucial scientific work.

We are especially grateful for your stewardship as Chairman of our Board of Trustees, as the Institute has met every challenge with steady and meaningful progress. Thank you John Henry, for your wise insights and your unflagging energy as you have supported the Institute from its very inception.”

    • Chair and interim CEO
    • One of the original members representing the March of Dimes
    • Served as Chair for 5 years
    • Working with Jonas Salk, they doubled the capacity of the Salk Institute
    • Served as International Council Chair
    • Chair and Trustee Emeritus

Oxford University, UK – Harris Manchester College

    • Awarded two Masters
    • Appointed to the University’s Business Faculty
    • Governing Fellow
    • Foundation Fellow
    • Member of Congregation, the University’s supreme governing board
    • Admitted to the Chancellor’s Court
    • Chair, Harris Manchester College Board of Regents (25 years)
    • Vice President (development) of Harris Manchester College (unpaid)
    • Led a 15-year campaign to renovate Harris Manchester College’s 16th, 17th and 18th century buildings, which is now 90% complete
    • Raised in excess of $100M
    • Co-founder of the Tseu-Felix Medical Institute, Harris Manchester College in the University of Oxford. Currently serves as its Executive Chair
    • Currently serves as the Titular Head with the Title of Rector of Harris Manchester College
    • Currently Chair Emeritus of the Harris Manchester Board of Regents
    • Appointed to the Oxford University Faculty from 2000-2005 (Mandatory Retirement at age 75).

Abilities Unlimited (Winners at Work)

Assists individuals with physical, mental and emotional challenges in reaching their full potential

Under John Henry’s leadership as Chair and CEO, the organization expanded its services from individuals with disabilities caused by birth defects and accidents to include substance abuse and anyone who has a barrier to leading a full life. Services also include assisting veterans and Navy Seals with an innovative pain management program administered at Tripler. He also implemented a Boy Scout program for young men and women with disabilities.

Junior Achievement   

    • Served as President
    • Developed a working relationship with YPO

Community Scholarship Program

    • Served as Chair for 5 years – Chair Emeritus

Hawaii Heritage Association

    • One of the original Board members


    • One of the principal founders
    • Longest serving member
    • Served as Chair

State Veterans Cemetery at Kaneohe

    • Spearheaded this effort working with then Governor John Waihee, Senator Daniel Inouye and State Senator Neil Abercrombie
    • Donated 30 acres to this project

Hawaii Public Radio

    • Founder; first President and Chair

The Deputies

    • Founder; first President
    • Police and fire departments support group providing advice, scholarships, support for Explorer programs and unbudgeted items

Honolulu Police Department

    • Reserve police officer and detective (unpaid) for 17 years
    • Often assigned to work with the Secret Service during visits of foreign and U.S. dignitaries
    • Chief Dan Liu made John Henry an Honorary Assistant Police Chief in recognition of his services

Honolulu Chamber of Commerce (now known as Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii)

In 1965 the Honolulu Chamber of Commerce sustained a dramatic loss of its members. John Henry was called upon to mount a campaign to restore the membership lost and gain more members. In six months, John Henry personally secured over one hundred memberships and his committee, over two hundred. The Honolulu Chamber dubbed him “Master Salesman” and “Hui O Honolulu Old-Timer” and made him a Lifetime Member.

Portuguese Chamber

    • Co-founder; first President

Club 200

    • Founding Member
    • Life Member
    • Fire and Police Departments support Group Founder and First President
    • Deputies

Rotary Club

    • Joined Waikiki Rotary in 1956
    • Currently senior active with the Honolulu Club

Consular Corps of Hawaii

The Consular Corps of Hawaii honored JHF at its Inaugural dinner 2/20/16, by honoring him as Doyen of the Corps for being the longest serving active Honorary Consul (Portugal and Spain) in the World.

    • Appointed Portuguese Consul in 1975
    • Appointed Spanish Consul in 1980
    • Elected Dean in 2006
    • Member of the Executive Committee to date
    • Chair, Awards Committee
    • Longest serving Consul of the Consular Corps (over 40 years of continuous service)
    • Designated “Doyen” (Most senior member of the Corps)

Homeless Veterans in Hawaii Task Force
• Chairman

Center of Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance

John Henry and the late U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye partnered to found the Center, located at Tripler Army Hospital, to better prepare developing countries in the Pacific and Asia to cope with manmade and natural disasters.

In 1997, the Center was selected as the “Outstanding Federal Program of the Year” by the American Society for Public Administration. John Henry was also recognized by the Hawaii Chapter of the Society for his administrative expertise in getting the Center started and for being an instructor for the “Health Emergencies in Large Populations ICRC course.


    • County Chair:
        o HART Rail Board of Directors
        o Planning Commission (Blaisdell)
        o Parks and Recreation Commission (Fasi)
        o Civil Service Commission (Fasi)
        o Board of Water Supply Commission (Fasi)
        o Honolulu Redevelopment Commission (Fasi)
        o Honolulu Police Commission (Fasi, Anderson)
        o Budget Review Advisory Committee (Hannemann)
        o Honolulu Fire Department Advisory Board (Predecessor organization to the Fire Commission)

    • City Council

            o Served for 14 years
            o Introduced Resolution establishing the Honolulu Fire Commission
            o Introduced and passed the Nation’s first smoking ban in public places
            o Introduced and passed the Nation’s first mandatory conversion for lessees owning condominiums, cooperatives and planned unit developments
            o Led the successful referendum to implement term limits and non-partisan elections for the Honolulu City Council
            o Authored the Honolulu City Councils’ Budget Handbook while serving as the Council’s Budget Chair
            o Served as Chair of every Council Committee during his 14 years
            o Garnered 92% of the votes cast in his last Council District election

    • Territory of Hawaii and State of Hawaii

            o Chair, Territory of Hawaii Workers Comp and Industrial Safety
            o Chair, Jobs for Veterans Task Force (Burns and Ariyoshi)
            o Vice Chair, Long Term Care Commission (Lingle)

    • State of Hawaii

            o Chief of Staff to Hawaii’s first elected Governor (William F. Quinn (R))
            o Also served as the Governor’s Military Aide and Chief of Protocol
            o Oversaw our transforming Territorial Government’s 100+ departments to no more than 18 in accordance with the State’s new Constitution
            o Oversaw the appointment to fill 500 positions ranging from the Supreme Court to the Barber Commission

    • Federal 

            o Chair of the Hawaii National Governors’ Conference in Hawaii
            o U.S. Representative to the South Pacific Commission (now known as the South Pacific Community)

                ▪ 19 nations in the South Pacific (also known as the UN of the South Pacific)
               ▪ Appointed by President Ronald Reagan
               ▪ Also served under President George H.W. Bush
               ▪ Provided 20% of the region’s development funds
               ▪ First non-U.S. State Department head of the Commission

            o Appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce as a member of the District Export Council
            o Homeless Veterans Task Force

               ▪ Appointed by the Veterans Administration Director as its Chair to address the plight of approximately 400 homeless veterans in Hawaii

Business Boards
• Hawaii National Bank
    o Director (24 years)
    o Chair, Loan and Personnel Committees
    o Member, Executive Committee

• Pioneer Savings Bank
    o Director (7 years)
    o Chair, Executive Committee
    o Member, Loan Committee

School, College and University Boards
• St. Louis School
• St. Francis School
• Seabury Hall (Maui)
• Academy of the Pacific
    o Chair
    o Secured their permanent campus and accreditation

• Menlo College
    o Emeritus Trustee
    o Adjunct Professor (Retired)

• Chaminade University, former Regent
• Harris Manchester College (Oxford)
    o Chair Emeritus
    o Rector
    o Fellow
    o Vice President of Development
    o Executive Chair, Tseu-Felix Medical Institute

• University of Oxford
    o Congregation and Convocation
    o Member of the Faculty (Ret.)
    o Member of the Chancellor’s Court

• American Red Cross
    o Certificate of Recognition for Extraordinary Personal Action (Utilizing Red Cross lifesaving skills, John Henry saved a life by administering CPR to a woman who stopped breathing.)
    o Castle Award (Chapters Highest Award)
    o Chair’s Cup
    o Clara Barton Award
    o Harriman Award
    o Dunant Medal (first American recipient) International Red Cross Highest Award
    o International Service Medal
    o Portuguese Red Cross Medal of Valor (first American recipient)
    o Designated Lifetime Volunteer by the Hawaii Chapter of the American Red Cross
    o Tiffany Award (National)
    o Lifetime Hero Award (2014)

The Harriman Award citation reads as follows:
“For his selfless contributions of time and talent in the service of others. His
dedication to the Red Cross ideal of service to humanity and his compassion and sensitivity to the needs of less fortunate people, combined with his outstanding talent for wise and sympathetic leadership, have enlarged the capacity of the Red Cross to serve humanity.”

– Chairman Frank Stanton, American National Red Cross (10 May 1976)

The Henri Dunant Medal citation reads, in part, as follows:
“John Henry has worked within the Red Cross movement at all levels to the
detriment of his personal life. During his humanitarian activities he gave
constant proof of his ability, diplomacy and courage.”
– Dr. Ahmad Abu-Goura, Chairman, Standing Commission of the International Red Cross (10 May 1976).

• Boy Scouts of America
    o Baden Powell Fellow
    o International Scouter’s Award
    o The Scouting Heritage Society, Aloha Council
    o 1910 Society
    o James E. West Fellowship Award
    o Founder’s Society
    o Lifetime Achievement Award
    o Silver Beaver
    o Silver Antelope
    o Wood Badge
    o Order of the Arrow (Vigil)
    o 80 Year Service Award
    o Distinguished Eagle Scout Award
    o Distinguished Commissioner’s Award
    o Distinguished Citizen
• Chamber of Commerce
    o Honolulu Chamber of Commerce Master Salesman, Hui O Honolulu Old-Timer, and Lifetime Member (1966)
    o Super Salesperson (1969)
    o Chamber of Commerce Life Member (1969)
• Consular Corps of Hawaii
    o Distinguished Service Medal (2012)
    o Lifetime Achievement Award (2013)
• March of Dimes
    o National Lifetime Achievement Award (first recipient)
    o Franklin Delano Roosevelt Award (first recipient)
    o Elaine Whitelaw Volunteer Service Award (2011)
    o Lifetime Achievement Award
• Menlo College
    o Distinguished Fellow (2000)
    o Outstanding Alumnus Award (2009)
    o President’s Medal (2014)
• Pacific Business News
    o Business Leadership Hawaii Business Leader of the Year (2011)
    o 25 Most Influential People of Hawaii for the Past Half Century (2013)
• 1960 USA National Governors’ Conference, Chairman of Operations.

Kentucky Colonel, Kansas Navy Admiral and Arkansas Traveler
• American Legion Distinguished Service Award
• American Society for Public Administration Center of Excellence Outstanding Federal Program (1987)
• Business Hall of Fame
• Freedom Award, Sertoma
• Hawaii Jaycees Young Man of the Year (1959)
• Honolulu Fire Department Honorary Fire Chief
• Honolulu Police Department Honorary Assistant Chief of Police
• JDRF Alaka‘ina Award (2013)
• Jefferson Award for Public and Community Service (2009)
• Junior Achievement Partnership in Progress Award (first Hawaii recipient)
• Kidney Foundation Award
• Legacy Award for Philanthropy and Humanitarian Service (2009)
• Lord of the Manor of Smisby. Awarded in recognition of contributions to Harris Manchester College, Oxford University (UK)
• National Kidney Foundation Award for Outstanding Service (2018)
• Navy League Patriot Award (2013)
• Order of the Ancient Chamarro (Guam)
• Order of Prince Henry the Navigator (Portugal)
• Order of Queen Emma for Humanitarian Service (Hawaii)
• Order of Queen Isabella (Spain)
• Portuguese Red Cross Medal of Honor (first American recipient)
• Queen Emma Award for Humanitarian Service
• St. Francis Inaugural Award presented by St. Francis Society and Health System
• St. Francis of Assisi Award (1st) 2017 (Inaugural)
• St. Francis Spirit Award
• St. Louis School Gallery of Distinguished Achievers (2009)
• Sales & Marketing Executives International Salesperson of the Year (1982)
• Salk Institute for Biological Studies Distinguished Service Award (first recipient)
• Small Business Hawaii Lifetime Achievement Award (2013)
• The President Abraham Lincoln Legacy Award (2010)
• U.S. Department of Labor Outstanding Program (Hawaii Governor’s Jobs for Veterans Task Force)
• USAF-CAP Distinguished Service Medal (2)
• Veterans of Foreign Wars Patriot Award
• Veterans’ Affairs Award for Distinguished Service
• VIVA (Vietnamese Volunteer Assistance, Inc.) (orchestrated the repatriation of 4,000 Vietnamese refugees)
• Walden University – Outstanding Alumnus Award

Work Experience
• AFL-CIO Unity House, Teamsters Local 996 and Hotel, Restaurant Employees and Bartenders Union Workers Local 5
Served as:
    o Assistant to the President (Arthur A. Rutledge)
    o City administrator and negotiator
    o Admin, Health & Welfare Funds
    o Secretary-Treasurer, Central Labor Council
    o Founder of AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education (AFL-CIO COPE)
• Hotel Operation Co. of Hawaii (Outrigger Hotels)
    o Served as Executive Vice President responsible for acquisitions, government & labor relations
• Governor’s Office
    o Served as Chief of Staff, Chief of Protocol and Military Aide – responsible for transforming territorial government into state government; consolidating over 100 departments into 18 and making over 500 political appointments; wrote most of the governor’s speeches; handled all protocol matters
• La Ronde Restaurant
    o Served as Chair & CEO
    o Built and operated the world’s first revolving restaurant atop a high-rise in 1961
    o Developed company into 12 restaurants, including one in Dallas, Texas
• Hawaiian Memorial Park Association and Hawaiian Memorial Life Plan
Pre-need funeral plans
    o Served as Chair & CEO
• Borthwick Mortuary (Honolulu, Maui (2), Hawaii and Kauai)
Hawaii’s largest statewide mortuary chain
    o Served as Chair & CEO
• X-Ray Engineering (San Mateo, CA)
Nondestructive testing of pipelines, ship hulls, airplane fuselages, etc. worldwide
    o Served as Chair & CEO
• George F. Cake and Technipol (Berkeley, CA)
Distributors of law enforcement equipment worldwide
    o Served as Chair & CEO
• Hale Niu, LLC
Wedding Company
    o Chair
• Hawaii Medical Assurance Association
Health insurance provider
    o Served as Chair, President & CEO for 10 years, now Executive Chairman
    o Currently serves as Executive Chair, COO & CFO-Treasurer
• Hawaii Kai Memorial Park
69-acre cemetery site in Hawaii Kai currently undergoing development
    o Partner
• Mayfair Community Partners LLC
Fuel distribution
    o Principal
• Park Partners, LLC
    o Managing Partner

Dr. Felix is also involved with a number of other businesses.


• St. Louis College Prep (Hawaii) Diploma

• Chaminade College Prep (Missouri) Diploma

• San Mateo College AS (Economics)

• Menlo College AB (Business)

• California Western University BBA, MS/MBA

• Harris Manchester College, MA (Management) University of Oxford

• Walden University PhD (Public Policy & Administration)

• Stanford University YPO Advancement Management Program (Certificate)

• Harvard University YPO Advancement Management Program (Certificate)

• University of San Francisco (USF) Labor Relations (Certificate)

Books Authored and Publications
• Oahu, Hawaii’s Water Supply 1848 – 2020 AD (Doctoral Dissertation)
• The Effective Board of Directors in Profit and Non-Profit Organizations (Master Thesis)
• The Ukulele – A Portuguese Gift to Hawaii (co-author)
• The Portuguese in Hawaii (co-author)
• The Portuguese Bi-Centennial in Hawaii
• Volunteer Development, A Basic Guide
• The Portuguese Legacy (awaiting publication)
• Profiles of Servant Leadership (awaiting publication)
• Understanding Management The Simple and Easy Way
• The Future of Volunteerism: A Marketing Challenge
• Oahu Hawaii’s Water Supply: 1848-2020 AD

Clubs and Organizations
• AMVETS (Life Member)
• American Legion (Life Member)
• Veterans of Foreign Wars (Life Member)
• Elks Club – Honolulu, HI (Life Member)
• Knight of Matta (Oldest Roman Catholic Lay Order) – Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta)
• Explorers Club (National Member)
• Hawaii Chamber of Commerce (Life Member)
• Equestrian Order of the Knight of the Holy Sepulcher (2nd oldest Roman Catholic Lay Order)
• Manorial Society of Great Britain (Life Member – Lord of Smisby)
• Oahu Country Club – Honolulu, HI (Super Senior)
• Outrigger Canoe Club – Honolulu, HI
• Oxford Alumni Association (formerly the Oxford Society)
• Oxford Cambridge Club – London, England U.K.
• Pebble Beach Club – Pebble Beach, CA
• Prince Kuhio Hawaiian Civic Club – Lala Miki (Life Member)
• Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (Co-founder)
• President Reagan Alumni Association
• Rotary International (Honolulu Club)
• Stillwater Yacht Club – Pebble Beach, CA
• The 200 Club (Honolulu Fire and Police Support Group) (Founding Member)
• The Deputies Club (Honolulu Fire and Police Support Group) (Founder)
• The Oxford Union – Oxford, England U.K. (Life Member)
• The Pacific Club – Honolulu, HI
• The Plaza Club – Honolulu, HI
• The Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta (Oldest Roman Catholic Lay Order)
• University Club of Oxford – Oxford, England U.K.
• Waialae Country Club – Honolulu, HI
• World Presidents Organization
• Young Presidents Organization – Forty-niner (Hawaii Chapter Founding Member)
• Jack Nicklaus Country Club, Pasadera, Monterey, CA

A brief summary of Dr. John Henry Felix’s Red Cross (1938-2020)

● Joined Junior Red Cross Elementary in 1938 while attending Lincoln School which was then located across from Thomas Square. First assignment was to assemble “ditty bags” (comfort kits) for the children of war torn China.
● Over the years, involvement expanded to include water safety, first-aid CPR and disaster preparedness and relief.
● Following his service with the U.S. Army in Korea, JHF immediately got re-involved with the Hawaii Chapter and was elected to the Oahu Board in 1955. During his military service, supported the Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces Program.
● First major assignment was to consolidate Hawaii’s 4 chapters into one Hawaii Chapter headquartered on Oahu with Hawaii, Maui and Kauai counties having Advisory Councils with their respective chairs serving on the Chapter Board. This took one year to accomplish.
● Elected Chapter Chair in 1955. One of the major goals was to locate a permanent home for the Chapter. With the support of George Elsey, ARC President, we were able to acquire a suitable site at Diamond Head, our present home.
● Appointed Warren Luke as Building Fund Chair. Warren and his team successfully raised enough money coupled with the funds realized from the sale of our leased offices on Ala Moana Blvd. Made us debt free.
● Led the first water safety, first aid/CPR and disaster preparedness training at the former Leprosy Colony at Kalaupapa, Molokai. Pacific Area Involvement Founded Red Cross Societies of Tonga and Western Samoa. Assisted with development of Red Cross Societies in Papua, New Guinea and Fiji.
● To facilitate the development of Red Cross Societies, chapters and units in the Pacific; negotiated an assignment with the U.S. Peace Corps assigning qualified individuals to developing Red Cross entities. The Peace Corps received one month of intensive training in Peace Corp disciplines for one month at the Hawaii Chapter. JHF funded the meals and lodging for 55 Peace Corps volunteers for this program which lasted 4 years and was highly successful.
● Instituted four “Red Cross Youth Conferences” (1 week each) in W. Samoa, Tonga, Fiji and PNG. Some 5,000 youth attended the training in the history of the R.C. monument, water safety, disaster preparedness and relief and first aid-CPR. Funded by the Hoover Foundation and JHF.
● Assigned to disaster operations in Fiji, American Samoa, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Western Samoa, Philippines, Bangladesh, Guam, Northern Marianas and Micronesia.
● Founded the “Walking Blood Donor Program” which proved effective in remote areas of the Pacific lacking proper refrigeration.

International Activities:
● Together with Dr. Brud Holland, Chairman of the National ARC, led a delegation to China to assist in opening the Red Cross movement in that country.
● In 1962, appointed a Delegate for the League (Federation) of Red Cross and Red Cross Societies by its Secretary General.
● Assigned to the Portuguese Red Cross to assist with the refugee program in Angola of Mozambique. Also assisted with the refugee program in Portuguese Timor during the Indonesian takeover.
● Assigned to oversee the refugee program caused by the Vietnam War. Oversaw operations in Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Guam. At the request of the U.S. State Post, assigned to arrange for the repatriation of 4,000 Vietnamese on Guam – part of during Operation “New Life” (evacuation of over 2100,000 Vietnamese after the fall of Vietnam). He flew there and recruited, trained and supervised a team of volunteers who served as impartial observers during screening interviews of all refugees who expressed interest in returning to Vietnam. Temporarily assigned to the Swiss run ICRC to assist in monitoring the prisoner of war situation in Vietnam.
● Wrote “Red Cross Volunteer Guide” which was distributed worldwide and translated into a number of languages
● Assisted the Cambodian Red Cross in establishing a Prosthetics Factory to assist landmine victims

Red Cross Positions held:
o Chapter Volunteer
o Instructor Trainer – Red Cross – history and principles, Water Safety, First Aid- CPR, Disaster Preparedness and Relief.
o Chapter Chair and President; Chair of Volunteers, Chair of International Services
o Division Chair (Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, Alaska Chapter, NM)
o Western Area Chair (11 Western States)
o Board of Governors
o American Red Cross National and International Committees
o League (Federation) Delegate at Large
o Assistant to the President of the International Red Cross
o National Chair of the African Famine Campaign. Personally distributed food in African Nations.

Awards Received
Chapter: Chair’s Cup Award and Castle Award

National: International Services Medal, Clara Barton Award, Harriman Award

International: Red Cross Henri Dunant Medal (highest recognition bestowed by the Int’l Red Cross for extraordinary service under adverse conditions. JHF was the first American to receive this medal and was given this in 1983, presented by President Ronald Reagan. Also received The Portuguese Red Cross Medal of Honor, The Portuguese Government’s Order of Prince Harry and The Navigator award.

The AMVETS Silver Helmet Award‚ a unique silver replica of the World War II GI helmet‚ has over the years acquired a well-deserved reputation as the most prestigious of all the awards given by veterans organizations and is now known as the “Veterans Oscar.”

The AMVETS Silver Helmet Awards ceremony recognizes excellence and outstanding accomplishment in the fields of Americanism, defense, rehabilitation, congressional and civil service.

In addition to the Silver Helmet Awards, the AMVETS Auxiliary, since 1976, presents the Humanitarian Award to an outstanding American who serves our country in peace and war, who builds and maintains the welfare of the United States of America toward lasting prosperity and peace for all its inhabitants. The Sons of AMVETS also recognize a distinguished civic leader for their National Aid and Support.

The AMVETS Silver Helmet Awards Gala is held annually during the AMVETS Spring National Executive Committee meeting week. In addition to AMVETS members, the audience includes cabinet members‚ members of Congress and military officials who come to pay tribute to the recipients of the award and AMVETS.

On behalf of AMVETS (American Veterans), ​we are happy to announce that former Senator Daniel K. Akaka have been chosen to receive the 2018 AMVETS Silver Helmet Award for Congressional Service to veterans. The Silver Helmet Awards are unique silver replicas of the World War II GI helmet, and our first honoree was Olin​ ​E. Teague in 1952. Over the years the award has acquired a well-deserved reputation as the most prestigious award given by veterans’ service organizations, and is known as the “Veterans Oscar.”

#ICYMI Rep. Tulsi Gabbard accepted the AMVETS National Headquarters Silver Helmet Award for Congressional Service on behalf of Senator Daniel Akaka for his dedication to serving and empowering veterans in Hawai‘i and across the country. The award was presented at the annual AMVETS Silver Helmets Awards Banquet that recognizes individuals who have demonstrated leadership, excellence, and outstanding accomplishment in the fields of Americanism, defense, peace, rehabilitation, congressional and civil service.

“With a full heart of aloha, Senator Daniel Akaka dedicated his life in service to the people of Hawai‘i and our country,” said Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. “From his service in the US Army during World War II to his leadership as the Chairman of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, Senator Akaka carried the stories and sacrifices of his fellow servicemembers wherever he went, and fought to secure better care, services, and opportunities for our nation’s veterans. Mahalo nui loa to my mentor and friend, Senator Daniel Akaka, for your lifetime of service, and ho’omaika’i upon earning the prestigious American Veterans Silver Helmet Award for Congressional Service.”

“One of the major motivations for me to serve Hawai‘i in both the House and the Senate came from my experience witnessing the attack on Pearl Harbor, and wanting to be in a position to build a better future for the people of Hawai‘i, and to ensure the promise our country made to our veterans is upheld and honored. I am humbled to receive the AMVETS Silver Helmet Award for Congressional Service, and I will continue to do my best to honor the service and sacrifices of my brothers and sisters in arms and their families. Mahalo to Congresswoman Gabbard for accepting this award on my behalf,” said Senator Daniel Akaka.

​The 2018 AMVETS Silver Helmet ​Award will be presented at our Silver Helmet Awards Banquet on the evening of March 9, 2018 at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, 5000 Seminary Road, Alexandria, Virginia. The banquet is the culmination of our Spring National Executive Committee Meeting and annual Storm the Hill event.

​On behalf our our members, ​CongratulationsSenator Akaka ​on your selection to receive this well-deserved award!

Honoree Gallery

Click here for a list of Notable Honorees | Click here for a full list of Past Honorees

The Silver Helmet was first presented at the AMVETS 10th Anniversary Dinner to World War II hero and diplomat General of the Army George C. Marshall‚ in recognition of his contributions as a soldier‚ statesman and American.

Former President Harry S. Truman receives the 1958 Americanism award
President Dwight Eisenhower receives the 1959 Peace award
Vice President Richard Nixon and Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson compare their awards at the 1960 Silver Helmets
Henry Kissinger receives the 1972 Peace award
Pope Paul VI at the 1981 Silver Helmets to receive the Peace award
Eleanor Roosevelt receives the 1962 Peace award
Colin Powell receives the 1991 Defense award
President George H.W. Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush receive their Silver Helmet Awards
George W. Bush receives the Gold Helmet award in 2003
Wayne Newton receives the Americanism award in 2005


Silver Helmet Honorees of Note:
Patrick Hallinan, 2015 Civil Service
Judge Robert Russell, 2015 Rehabilitation
Gus Bilirakis, 2014 Congressional
Donald Driver, 2013 Auxiliary Humanitarian
Judge Robert P. Milich, 2012 Civil Servant
Edward R. Boyer, 2011 Rehabilitation
Mike White, 2010 Auxiliary Humanitarian
Tammy Duckworth, 2009 Civil Servant
Jerry Reed Hubbard, 2009 Special Award
Shauna Fleming, 2008 Auxiliary Humanitarian
Morrill Worcester, 2008 Americanism
Charlie Daniels, 2007 Americanism
McCormick Tribune Foundation, 2006 Americanism
Wayne Newton, 2005 Americanism
Mary Kay Rena Tarbet, 2004 Special
Cloyd C. Pinson, Sr., 2004 Americanism
George W. Bush, 2003 Gold Helmet Award
Bart Starr, 2003 Auxiliary Humanitarian
Rudolph Giuliani, 2002 Civil Servant
Dolly Parton, 1999 Humanitarian
William S. Cohen, 1999 Defense
Max Cleland, 1999 Rehabilitation
Zachary & Elizabeth M. Fisher, 1997 Aux Humanitarian
Jennifer Wilson, 1996 Americanism
Hillary Rodham Clinton, 1996 Auxiliary Humanitarian
Joe “Jah Paul Jo” Ramsey, 1995 Special
Kimberly Clarice Aiken, 1995 Auxiliary Humanitarian
Irv “Kup” Kupcinet, 1995 Americanism
Marlo Thomas, 1994 Auxiliary Humanitarian
Pete Coors, 1994 Americanism
Silent Crew of the U.S.S. Arizona, 1993 Memorial (Posthumous)
Rosalyn Carter, 1993 Auxiliary Humanitarian
George H.W. Bush, 1992 Gold Helmet Award
Barbara Bush, 1992 Auxiliary Humanitarian
Norman Schwartzkopf, 1992 Defense
Colin Powell, 1991 Defense
Arthur Kaplan, 1991 Americanism
Kevin Dobson, 1990 Americanism
Abigail (Dear Abby) Van Buren, 1990 Auxiliary Humanitarian
Jimmy Crum, 1989 Special
Sam Nunn, 1988 Meritorious Achievement
Lee Greenwood, 1988 Americanism
Jack Klugman, 1987 Auxiliary Humanitarian
The Special Olympics, 1987 Special
Nancy D. Reagan, 1986 Auxiliary Humanitarian
Elizabeth H. Dole, 1986 Civil Servant
Bill Kurtis, 1985 Auxiliary Humanitarian
Lee Iacocca, 1985, Americanism
Dom and Carol DeLuise, 1984 Americanism
John McCain, 1984 Auxiliary Humanitarian
Danny Kaye, 1983 Auxiliary Humanitarian
Frank Sinatra, 1982 Special Award
Bob Dole, 1982 Congressional
Ronald Reagan, 1982 Gold Helmet Award
Alan Cranston, 1981 Congressional
Pope John Paul II, 1981 Peace
Martha Roundtree, 1980 Auxiliary Humanitarian
Rocky Bleier, 1980 Rehabilitation
Hugh O’Brian, 1980 Americanism
Eunice Shriver, 1979 Auxiliary Humanitarian
Robert W. Miller, 1978 Americanism
Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, 1978 Auxiliary Humanitarian
Gerald Ford, 1977 Gold Helmet Award
Ralph Nader, 1977 Special Award
Kathryn “Kate” Smith, 1977 Americanism
Mrs. Spencer Tracy, 1977 Auxiliary Humanitarian
Corrine “Lindy” Boggs, 1976 Auxiliary Humanitarian
Daniel J. “Cappie” James, Jr., 1976 Defense
Gordon Sinclair, 1975 Special
Joe DiMaggio, 1974 Americanism
Johnny Mann, 1973 Americanism
Raymond Burr, 1973 Special
John Wayne, 1972 Americanism
Henry Kissinger, 1972 Peace
Pope Paul VI, 1971 Peace
Danny Thomas, 1971 Special
Richard “Red” Skelton, 1970 Americanism
Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, 1970 Special
Richard Nixon, 1970 Gold Helmet
W. Averell Harriman, 1969 Peace
William C. Westmoreland, 1969 Defense
Lyndon Johnson, 1968 Gold Helmet
Walter Winchell, 1968 Americanism
Martha Raye, 1967 Special
Richard K. Mellon, 1966 Special
Carl Vinson, 1965 Defense
Adlai E. Stevenson, 1965 Peace
John F. Kennedy, 1964 Peace (Posthumous)
Carl Sanders, 1964 Americanism
Edmund S. Muskie, 1963 Congressional
Robert S. McNamara, 1963 Defense
Eleanor Roosevelt, 1962 Peace
Hyman G. Rickover, 1962 Defense
J. Edgar Hoover, 1962 Americanism
Astronaut Team of Project Mercury, 1962 Special
Bob Hope, 1961 Special Award
Henry Cabot Lodge, 1961 Peace
Lyndon B. Johnson, 1960 Defense
Richard M. Nixon, 1960 Peace
Dwight Eisenhower, 1959 Peace
Harry Truman, 1958 Americanism
Phil Silvers, 1957 Americanism
John Foster Dulles, 1952 Peace
General George C. Marshall, 1957

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