The Classic Film “Tora! Tora! Tora!”

ALCON: For widest dissemination, Classic Pearl Harbor Film To Be Shown At Ewa Ka Makana Mall 8-Plex (FREE). The film was actually shot in the Ewa-Kapolei area in 1969 by Continue Reading →

Veterans’ Day Appreciation – FREE AmVets Annual Membership

Veterans’ Day is November 11th. As a token of our appreciation for your military service AMVETS offers FREE annual membership during the week of 6 Nov – 12 Nov 2016. Continue Reading →

Employment Opportunities…

SEPTEMBER 2016 Employment Assistance Update: 1) KEY JOB VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENTS (JVAs) – NOTE: Military affiliation with the National Guard required for these Technician, AGR, & ADOS positions: A. Technician JVAs Continue Reading →