The Classic Film “Tora! Tora! Tora!”



For widest dissemination,

Classic Pearl Harbor Film To Be Shown At Ewa Ka Makana Mall 8-Plex (FREE).
The film was actually shot in the Ewa-Kapolei area in 1969 by 20th
Century Fox using community extras and off duty military pilots. Before
Special Effects, all scenes are highly realistic and almost a documentary.

The Classic Film “Tora! Tora! Tora!” in spectacularly digitally restored
high definition DCP (Digital Cinema Package) edition will be shown by
special invitation in commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of Pearl
Harbor and Ewa Field.

This film is the closest to the real December 7, 1941 attack that most
people will ever see. A winner of numerous Academy Award nominations,
the film is highly rated by historians and movie fans as a great classic.

Showtime will be 11 AM, Wednesday, October 12 at the Ka Makana
mall Consolidated 8-Plex theater for specially invited community guests.
This will include cadet school programs in the West Oahu area. Tickets
will be limited so please make reservations as soon as possible.

Several key scenes of the film were actually shot at the 1941 Ewa Field
ramp where the hangar was blown up. Other scenes were shot at the
1942 aircraft revetments where the Barbers Point stables are today.
The large fleet of authentic “Fox Air Force” B-17’s, P-40’s, Zeros, Kates
and Vals were based at nearby Barbers Point Naval Air Station in 1969.

This special one time only Ewa-Kapolei showing has been made possible
as a donation by Consolidated Theaters to the Ewa Battlefield Commemoration
which will be held on Tuesday, December 6 at Ewa Field which was attacked
on Sunday, December 7, 1941.

Reservations are made by emailing or
Sponsored by American Veterans Hawaii [or AMVETS Hawaii].
An Official 75th Pearl Harbor Commemoration Event: Ewa Battlefield

John Bond, Director
Ewa Battlefield Commemoration

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