Ewa Battlefield Memorial Day Commemoration

As Memorial Day approaches, it’s a time when we think about our brothers and sisters we served with who are no longer with us. Perhaps we remember a battle buddy who we served with. Maybe we think back to someone we bonded with during basic training. Or we might recall someone who made the ultimate sacrifice so that others could live in freedom. Share their stories so that others will understand what freedom, patriotism and service really mean.

Take the time this Memorial Day weekend and help us remind all Americans that freedom is not free. There is a price for the liberties we enjoy. We know that the true meaning of this holiday is much more than barbecues and picnics.

Together, let us honor their memories. Say a silent prayer for their families. Participate in our community remembrance service at Ewa Battlefield Memorial Day Commemoration on Monday, 30 May 2016 (1000 – 1100 hours).

Checkout KITV report with Ewa Historian, John Bond



Google Maps Street Views – Click links to see 360 views Look for Quonset Huts and Baseball Field

” target=”_blank”>https://goo.gl/maps/wCkMGTixkjS2 – Corregidor and past barriers

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