AMVETS 2016 Legislative Priorities

Federal Government Reform
•Extend Advanced Appropriations to all Remaining Discretionary & Mandatory Programs
•Strengthen Accountability & Ease VA Hiring Protocols
•Implement Whistleblower Protections
•Ensure Adequate Investment in VA Capital Infrastructure
•Improve & Modernize VA/DoD Information Technology Systems

Toxic Wounds – Recognition & Treatment
•Toxic Exposure of Fort McClellan Veterans
•Recognition of Gulf War Illnesses and the Need for Continued Research
•Compensation for Gulf War Veterans Veteran Unemployment

Veteran Unemployment
•Veteran Anti-Discrimination
•Civilian Credentials for Military Training & Experience
•Veterans Priority of Service in Employment & Training Programs

VA/DoD Health Care & Mental Health
•Eliminate Over-Medication & Improve Access to Alternative Treatments
•Combine & Leverage Purchased Care Programs
•Traumatic Brain Injury & Post Traumatic Stress Research & Treatments
•Continued Cutting Edge Sensory Aids/Prosthetics Research & Development

Veterans/Family Benefits
•Tinnitus & Hearing Loss Presumptive Service Connection
•Expand VA Caregiver Benefits & Program
•Repeal Survivor Benefits Plan/Dependency & Indemnity Offset

Women Veterans & Service Members
•Eliminate Military Sexual Trauma (MST)/Sexual Harassment
•Ensure Availability of Safe Housing for Homeless Veterans with Dependent Children
•Improve Access to Gender-Specific Health Services & Prosthetics

POW/MIA Recovery/Identification & Cemetery Affairs
•Continuing Oversight of DPAA (Recovery/Identification) & National Cemetery Operations
•Increase Veterans Burial Benefits
•Creation of POW/MIA Forever Stamp

•Support of the States of Israel & Taiwan
•Recognize Contribution of LAO/HMONG Special Forces
•Support Federal Court Ruling for the National Old Soldiers Home at WLA
•Support for a Congressional Gold Medal for ‘Dust Off’ Crews
•Creation of an AMVETS 75th Anniversary Stamp

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