Hawaii Veterans Beekeeping Project

Hawaii Veterans Beekeeping Project Flyer


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Next Meeting & Open Hive Demo

27 January 2018 from 1130-1600

Hawaii Queen Bees

Where: 65-650 Kaukonahua Rd, Waialua, HI 96791

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Point of Contacts:

Dr. Jason Graham jrgraham@hawaii.edu


AmVets Hawaii Commander, Donovan A. Lazarus donovan@amvets-hawaii.org

Hawaii Veterans Beekeeping Project Flyer


Hawaii Veterans Beekeeping Project (HAVE-BEE PROJECT) aims to develop beekeeping on Oahu and the Big Island in Hawaii by training and teaching veterans on honey bee biology, colony management. queen rearing and instrumental of queen bees and increase the income of veterans in rural areas.

HAVE-BEES project will train veterans by providing all the necessary materials (bee hives, colonies, and all the beekeeping equipment such as veils, smokers, hive toots, foundations, honey extractors and all the medicines for the diseases and parasites) for each participant veteran. Ten veterans from each Island will be chosen and trained on beekeeping in the first year, on queen rearing on the second year and on the instrumental insemination of the queen bees on the third year. All the veterans become Master Beekeepers and Queen Breeders during the project. They will have the opportunity to build a sustainable beekeeping business and produce honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, queen bees and produce package bees and/or nucleus colonies.

First Year:

Learn beekeeping basics – bee biology, equipment, hive building, honey extraction, pollen harvesting, making splits and more.

Second Year:

Learn advanced beekeeping techniques, graft queens, rear queens, manage colonies strategically to satisfy personal goals and more.

Third Year:

Learn mastery level beekeeping techniques, artificial insemination of queens, apiary management, commercial production and more.

Project Partners:

Dr. Osman Kaftanoglu osman.kaftanoglu@asu.edu

Dr. Alicia Wills heartybees@gmail.com

Dr. Jason Graham jrgraham@hawaii.edu

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